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Redemption…A word we use, but what does it mean for us?

Remember  days of long ago when we purchased coke or pepsi and it came in glass bottles.  And then we redeemed those bottles.  It meant that those empty bottles still had value, beyond what they contained.

Redemption is to say there is value.


Through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and through his very being, we humans are redeemed.   We are shown that we have value, beyond what we think we contain.   No matter what, we always have value.


We, as the 2nd reading makes clear, are children of God.  This is our value, this is our core identity.  This is what matters.  This is our freedom!   God loves us no matter what!  Even after executing the Son of God, we have value.


See, I think we too often think our value is in what we do, in how we look, in how much we earn, in what political party we belong to, in what nation we belong to, what religion we practice.  We also assess a value to others the same way.  This is enslaves us.  It keeps us and all others down.

Our value, our worth, our redemption is that we are children of God.  The freedom of our world is that we are children of God.

Let that sink in a bit.


Imagine if we stopped having to prove ourselves to others.

Imagine if we stopped having to make others see our value.

Imagine if we stopped having to make others prove themselves worthy for us.

Imagine how much stress, much fear, much anger, how much sadness would be gone.


I think we place so much energy into doing these things, and they consume us.


Then we forget to be alive, we forget what is really important.  We forget the importance of our families, friends, the other people.  We forget the importance of beauty in the world.

We forget the Joy.

But, when we remember and live as Children of God, then life is about reaching out to others, connecting with others, healing others, living a communal life.


The Family is crucial to this!

It is within a Family that a person learns about love, learns to be loved.  A parish builds on this; so that ideally we are to help the families about love.  Think again of God, the God that Jesus revealed; God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a community of self giving love.

This is our nature as those children of God.

This weekend too, we are called to remember vocations to the religious life; and it is the specific mission of priests and religious to be aware of our value of as children of God and to guide people into deeper meaning and participation in this mystery.

Think of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came into this world to show us the path to live this life;  Think of the people he cured, he touched, he forgave.

cd page - forgiveness through christ

He saw beyond all the superficial stuff, and he saw brothers and sisters; children of God who needed to be shown that they had value, they had worth.

And by doing this, he helped them to see their own dignity, their own value as children of God.


Of course Jesus was rejected by humanity….especially the rich and powerful, because their whole lives are built upon keeping people down.  Because, when we see other people truly of value, then things must change.

When we see others as the Children of God, then we have to see them as having rights to living wages, to clean food and water; the right to be safe in their homes and in other lands.  The right to be called a person, and not illegal.  The right to being treated equal, no matter their gender, the color of skin, or however else we classify people.


This is what it means to be a child of God, and live as a Child of God.

As Pope Francis said last week:    “The content of Christian witness is not a theory, and ideology, or a complex system of precepts and prohibitions but rather a message of salvation, a concrete event, or rather a Person: it is the risen Christ, the sole and living Saviour of all”.

It is for all of us a real challenge and a real opportunity.

The challenge is to grow into this and accept it;  the opportunity is to be truly alive, as Jesus is alive, today, here and now.

And when we need reminding, which we almost always do, we have the Eucharist, the great sacrament of redemption.


So be redeemed, and live as the redeemed.  Live as the True Children of God which we are.

Life in the NOW

God is with us

In my whiniest moments I forget this, and begin to fall into the trap that EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING is against me….HA.

Yup, I do wish at times Jesus was more clear and obvious, but I suppose what would be the fun in that?

Being Reborn

I had a hard time with change; and yet when I finally allowed it to happen, it was a resurrection moment.

I resisted changing, thinking that I was doing well, I was fine, I was doing what I was supposed to do…  and of course the fruits of that revealed how wrong I was…depression, isolation, unresolved anger, unresolved sadness, unresolved fear (crippling fear)…

What initiated my change was the panic attack during prayer.. God works in mysterious ways.

I still will resist God and God’s changes for me…I may be a bit more wiser, but old habits can be hard to break.  But, I also know that when I have submitted to God’s changes, it has always been for the better.  That is my personal challenge to the resurrection.

An Experience of the Resurrection will change us.  A true experience of the Resurrection will change us.  A real experience of the Resurrection will change the way we live.

This is how we know we are living the Resurrection, living our salvation.


The disciples are the clear example of this.

These men and women will leave behind locked rooms, leave behind their ignorance, their fears, their shame, their anger, the will leave behind the way they have always done things and will experience life in a new way.

Through their experience of the resurrected Christ and their faith in that mystery, they will see life in a whole new way, will be free and will want to respond by sharing that good news with all of the world.


This is for us too!

We too can be changed.  When we are open to the mystery of Christ’s resurrection and the power of what it can mean in our lives, here and now, today, and for the rest of our lives.


We can leave behind a way of living that really did not bring life to the world, and be reborn to a way of life that really does bring life to the world.

It will mean our eyes will be opened to how connected we all are, and so, we will begin to live our lives trying to build those connections; through mercy, through forgiveness, through compassion, through love.

We will leave behind the lives of bitterness, isolations, egotism and greed.

It will mean that we will see our own lives and the lives of others as having value and dignity, and we will want to change so as to promote that value and dignity through justice, fair wages, by ending abortion, discrimination, domestic violence, the death penalty, all those affronts to human dignity.

It means that we will persevere through the short term difficult times, so that in the long run, we will find true life.

It means that we will experience a God who truly wants us to be united with him.

It means that we will live LIFE!

This is all salvation!


Of course, the flip side of this is Change….and we don’t always embrace change do we?

Sure, we would like others to change, and often we pray to God to change those other people…but we ourselves…not so much.  Then we wonder why our faith is dead, why life doesn’t seem so great.

Jesus Christ, an experience of his resurrection, through the word, through the community, through the Eucharist, will change us…we we are willing and wanting to be changed.

I think the challenge for all of us is to let go, to have trust in the Father’s love, and let ourselves be changed.

I think the challenge is to accept that we ourselves need to be changed, and to want that change.

There and then will we find true and everlasting life!


I remember my excitement when it began to make sense to me; when my eyes were opened to the mystery, the connections!!!

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