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Trusting in the Love of Father is that dark night into which we walk.

Knowing what we have fear over, is placing our house to rest.

It may seem bad out there in the world…but God is with us.  Trust in the Love.

Christ the King

What difference does it make to be Christian?

It makes all the difference.   And it would change the world if we would let Christ Reign in our hearts.


When He reigns, and no thing else, no one else, we experience true freedom, true salvation.

See, when Christ reigns it means that we are experiencing the love of God.

When we are experiencing that God sees us, knows us, sees and knows the good within us, then….


Nobody else can define us.

So their words of hate, of fear, of malice…they have no power over us


Nothing else can define us:

No drugs, no food, no drink, no pornography, no past history, no race, no culture….they have no power over us.


When we are experiencing God’s love, there is reason to express our goodness, there is reason to do good for others, to love.

We can live without fear; we can forgive, be compassionate, we can listen to others, withhold judgement, let go.

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We can hope.  We can dream, we can be alive!


What a difference that can make.

Jesus weeps

Here and now

Salvation…what is it?

Once I began to grasp what salvation is…i was changed.

If we were asked ‘What gift from God are we most grateful for?”  The answer is..?

I think the answers for kids might be –parents, pets, toys, maybe few enlightened ones love,life  And for us Adults–spouse, children, friends, life, love..maybe few enlightened ones faith, salvation.

Not bad answers, none particularly wrong, but none completely accurate either.

What is the gift that God gives to us, freely, generously?  The gift that Jesus reveals?

St. Athanasius said it best… God became a human, so that we can be God.  God’s will is that we become as God.  God’s great gift to all humanity is divinity.

Now we are not to be gods, we are not called to be our own little gods of our own little planets, with others subject to us.

We are given the gift to become one with the ONE  God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We are given the pledge of being incorporated into the divine family; children of God.


We signify this in the Eucharist… God’s covenant made real in the word proclaimed, in the people gathered, and in the bread and wine that become the very body and blood of Christ.

And Jesus revealed this, and revealed the nature of God so that we can know how or what we are to become.

God is Love, God is free, God is unity and harmony.  God is compassion.  God is healing.  Above all God is the one who gave of God’s self; As the Father sent the Son into the world to save the world; as the Son of God gave of himself to become a human person; as Jesus Christ gave of himself into union with all, even unto death.

Jesus also shows us that this gift is not just something we receive after we die, nor is it a gift that is earned.  NO!  The GOOD NEWS is that we have this gift now!  We can, and in fact, must use this gift now!

cd page - forgiveness through christLook what Jesus did…he cured, he healed, he forgave, all showing how the Love of God is breaking forth, showing the power of the divinity.  He showed how the power of God is a reality in the world at this moment, in time and space.

The Supreme revelation of this is the cross and resurrection…that God’s love is more powerful than our own sinfulness.  That we cannot deny God’s love, nor can we kill it.

God’s love is real and present, and is ours to have.


What the Gospel of today is challenging us it to make use of that gift that is ours.  To live as children of God in the world today…to be free, to be unified and in harmony, to be compassionate, to be love.

I think that for too long, we just assumed our salvation is something that we get once we have died…that it is our eternal reward for dutifully fulfilling our obligations.   What a waste of a precious gift…burying it in the dirt.

Jesus is teaching us in the gospel is that the more we use this gift now.. the more we come to know and experience the nature of God, who God is, the more come to know and experience true and full LIFE.

So that yes, when we do die in the future, it becomes natural for us to be assumed into the divine life.

But in the mean time….if we want to be free as God is free, we have to practice that freedom.

imagesThat means we forgive others.  There is no greater freedom then releasing and being released from the bonds of anger and hate.

images-1We love all.  We look at people and see beyond their faults, failures, the superficialities of politics, genders, economics, race, and we see a child of God with amazing potential.

We become humble.  We accept and glory in our role as children of God, and understanding that we are not gods.

So we stop trying to control the universe, stop trying to control the people in our lives; and work with the universe, work with the people in our lives.

It is amazing how much more wonderful life is, when we use this great gift of God.  It is amazing how much more free we are when we fully, consciously activity participate in this great gift.


Free from our egos; free from the effect of others egos; free from materialism, free from fear.

Free…as God is free, as God will and desires for us.

I know, I know, sounds too simple, too cliche.   I thought that too.  BUT…once I was shown what this really means, and the power it brings to live life more freely…it is simple, but NOT easy.  20120526-173214.jpg

Life’s stress makes me forget that I am loved by God. It takes the Spirit to kick my butt and make me remember.


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