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I was given an insight once, and it had to do with bugs.

Bugs sense a world differently.  For many, their reality is what they pick up through their antennae.  They are probably not even aware of us, of the room as they crawl across my floor, cars going by the road, of moons, stars and galaxies.  All their reality is what they sense in their proximity.

We sense more than them because we have a more developed senses, but that does not mean that we can sense all of reality.  There is still a greater reality out there.  Unlike the bugs, we have been graced with this knowledge, we have been graced to comprehend it and even participate in it.


I feel sorry for those who limit themselves to the reality that they can only see, feel, taste, smell, and hear.  A reality that they can only study; how small.  I feel sadness for fellow catholics who choose to limit themselves and only know what they think they know.

Life is a mystery, an infinite horizon in which we can expand and grow into.

God calls us to participate in this mystery.

Ez 2.2-5; Mk 6.1-6

Un aspecto de la fe católico que me disfrute mucho son los sacramentos, o el concepto de los sacramentos.  Los Sacramentos son los signos visibles de un realidad invisible.  Cuando se piense de este concepto, es decir que siempre hay más de lo que se puede ver, o en realidad, todos los sentidos.

Siempre hay un realidad más grand lo que yo, ustedes, nosotros podremos a percibir.

La Fe, la salvación, es la capacidad, la libertad, a creer en una realidad más grande.  Cuando estamos abierto a la realidad grand, pues, somos libres a expandirse y crecer, a ser liberado, a trascender.

El Cristo nos llame a ver mejor; a ver más allá nosotros mismos y nuestras percepciones propias o lo que creemos a saber.  En Cristo hay la capacidad a verdaderamente ver.


Miren al evangelio de hoy; la gente del pueblo nativo de Jesús vieron en frente de ellos la persona de su pasado.  Ellos lo conocieron como ellos siempre han le conocido; no hubo crecimiento.  Ellos no quisieron ver la realidad más grande de Jesus.

Y por este razón, ellos no eligieron; porque ellos permanecieron obstinante, ignorante,  permanecieron del cerrado de mente, en miedo; lo que sea, su falta de fe en algo más allá de su percepciones, no obras fuertes fueron hecho.

¿No es lo mismo de hoy?

No hay milagros grandes hecho en nuestras vidas en el mundo porque elegimos a no ver más allá lo que está en frente de nuestros ojos.

No queremos terminar la pobreza porque todo lo que nosotros vemos son los flojos quien quiere sacar nuestro dinero o nosotros pensamos que ellos quieren vivir en la pobreza.

No elegimos terminar la injusticia porque todavía pensamos que los hombres merecen un salario más de las mujeres; los inmigrantes van a robarnos nuestras cosas; que los salarios más justo significa yo no puedo a tener lo que yo pienso a merecer.

blah blah blah.  Palabras del miedo, palabras de la falta de fe, palabras del pecado.

Y, Yo he encontrado personas que se sintió aislado de Dios, y no se podriá a comprender de porque.   Hablando con ellos, esos adultos, ellos han hecho poco para desarrollar su comprensiòn de Dios; su fe.  Era al mismo nivel cuando ellos eran los niños en las clases de primera comunión:  Dios de los leyes; Dios que demanda la perfección; Dios quien va castigarme para mis errores; Dios quien va a recompensarme para las oraciones.

Nosotros, los católicos, podremos ser más, mucho más, y hacer mucho más en este mundo.  Católicos son llamados a ver más allá y dejarse a nosotros mismos a crecer.

La vida sacramental es la gracia de Dios que nos llama a expandir.

Miren, se requiere la fe a ver más allá del agua derramado de la gente, la fe a ver más allá del pan y vino, a ver más de un aceite perfumado.

Nuestra fe dice que el agua significa la gracia de Padre. el amor de Padre, estando derramado dentro de nosotros, siempre.


Nuestra fe dice que el pan y vino llegar a ser verdaderamente el cuerpo y la sangre de Cristo resucitado.


Nuestra fe dice que el aceite perfumado es la esencia del Espíritu Santo cubriendo a nosotros, por siempre.


Nuestra fe sacramental es para romper a los corazones duros, a abrir los mentes cerrados, a despertarnos a nuevas posibilidades del amor de Dios en nuestras vidas y las vidas de los otros.

Es para forzarnos a dejar los ídolos del pasado, de nuestras percepciones.

Cuando permitimos a este a ocurrir, pues, los milagros serán logrado; dentro de nosotros, dentro del mundo.

Esa “Yo no puedo.” que demasiado de nosotros decimos, llegar a ser “Yo puedo”

Esa “Yo no voy.” llegar a ser “Si, yo voy.”

Entonces, podemos y vamos perdonar los otros y aceptar la perdón.


Podemos y vamos ayudar los otros.  10675702_907425149297613_8402588515897227562_n

Podemos y vamos a hacer cambios positivos que elevan todos.

Podemos y vamos a sanar y ser sanado.

Pero, comienza con la fe, con la creencia que hay algo más grande aquí que nosotros podemos ver, oler, sabor y tocar.

Dios está aquí.  El Padre, el Hijo y El Espíritu Santo estan verdaderamente aquí, siempre en frente en de nosotros.

¿lo creemos?

One of my favorite aspects of our Catholic Faith is the idea of Sacraments.    Sacraments, those visible signs of an invisible reality.

I like this concept because it means that there is always more than what meets the eye, and in fact all of the senses.   There is a greater reality than what I, you, we can perceive.

Faith, Salvation, is the capacity, the freedom, to see and believe in something beyond.  When we are open to a greater reality, then we are free to expand and grow; to be liberated.

Christ calls us to see better; to see beyond ourselves and our own perceptions.  Christ calls us to see beyond what we think we know.  Christ gives to us the Capacity to truly SEE!


Look at what happens in the Gospel; the people of Jesus’ native place saw in front of them the person they thought that they knew, a person of their past.  They knew him as they had always known him; but nothing more.  They would not see the greater reality of Jesus.

And because of their stubbornness, their closed-mindedness, their ignorance, whatever, their lack of faith in something beyond what they think they know; no mighty deeds were done.

Isn’t that still true today.

No mighty and great deeds are being done in our lives, and in our world, because we choose to NOT look beyond what is in front of us.

We won’t end poverty because all we see is lazy bums who want to take our money; or who we think actually “WANT” to be poor.

We won’t end injustice because we still think that men deserve higher pay than women, that immigrants are coming to steal our stuff; that higher wages for others will mean I won’t get what I think I need.

blah blah blah.  All the language of fear, of lack of faith.

And, I also have encountered people who feel isolated from God.  They don’t understand why.  And in talking with them, and these are adults, they have done little to develop their understanding of God.  Their faith remains at the level they had as a child in first communion class:  God the law-giver; God who demands perfection;  God who will punish me for all my wrongs;  God who rewards me for praying.

We Catholics can be so much more, and do so much more.  Catholics are called to see beyond and to allow ourselves to GROW!

The sacramental life is the grace of God that calls us to expand!

Look, it takes faith to see beyond water poured over people, faith to see beyond bread and wine, faith to see more than just perfumed oil.

Our faith says that the water is the Father’s very grace and love being poured into the person.


Our faith says that this is truly the very body and blood of Jesus Christ.

10400763_810307405676055_1541579362175277912_nOur faith says that perfumed oil is the Essence of the Holy Spirit anointing us.11164904_969263923113735_5838032094094981566_oOur Sacramental Faith is meant to break down those stubborn hearts, to open those closed minds, and to awaken us to new possibilities of God’s saving love in our lives and in the lives of all.  It is to force us to let go of the idols we create of our own ideas.  To help us let go of our past.

When we let this happen, mighty and great deeds are accomplished within us and within the world.

That “I can’t” that too many of say, becomes “I can!”

That “ I will not.” becomes “I will.”

And then we can and will forgive others and accept forgiveness.


We can and will help one another.

We can and will make positive changes that lifts all people.

We can and will heal and be healed.

But it starts with faith, with a belief that there is something greater here than we can see, smell, taste and touch.  God is really here.   The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are really with us, always.

Can’t we believe it?

Would we truly be happy if all those we despised were gone?  Haters are going to hate.  So maybe we need to look at our own hate, and ask that IT be removed.

Who have we made scapegoats for our problems?  Immigrants, Gays, Straights, People of different color?  Muslims, Jews…the list could go on forever.

Yesterday was chaotic, I had soooo much to do to catch up after a week away.  And yet, the only time I really stressed out and got a headache, whilst sitting in a meeting in which I had NO control.

Life not is merely having a beating heart; it is not a purely organic definition.  Life includes relationships; it is quality and a quantity.  To be fully alive is to be loved and to love.

Christ came so that we would have life, and have life in the fulness.  Salvation then is to be able to fully engaged with others.

Mark’s gospel gives us this wonderful lesson.

We have a young girl, at the cusp of womanhood, and she is seriously ill.  There is a father so concerned for her that he humbles himself in front of Jesus.   I think it is clear he has love for his daughter.  Jesus clearly wants to respond.

Yet, in the midst of this there is an older woman also in need.  We do not know how old, but, definitely not a child.  She has no one apparently.  Her life has been misery, and with her affliction more than likely she is isolated from all others.   She would not be in relationship; isolated, unloved.  There is no true life in her.

That scene of her healing is amazing.  There are probably lots and lots of people touching Jesus, but nothing is happening to them; her touch is different.

It is the touch of a person deeply in need, a person who desperately wants healing; to be made whole, to return to a community; she wants to be part of relationships and have a life.

Society has failed to help her.  There is nothing left…she is a living beatitude…blessed be her poor spirit.  That is what made the difference; and Jesus’ very being is about salvation, the healing occurs.

The woman, who believed in him, is empowered in Christ and is healed.

Then the young woman, so loved by family and by a mourning community is also restored; she returns to life and all its promises.

So what is this to us?

In Christ, we can be truly alive!

This I think we know and believe; and that is why we are here.  We come to find more life, we come to give thanks for the life.  In Christ we are called to be alive through grace, that empowers us to forgive another and ask for forgiveness; that empowers us to be merciful and compassionate;  to help us be self-giving not selfish; to help us to see each person as a human, each person as having value, no matter their life choices, or other “accidents:

images  10422359_786932258047495_2976358555613009241_n  images  imgres

Christ grace empowers us to be healed in our relationships with other people and the world around us.

This is the great gift of salvation!  This is how we find LIFE!

We Catholics have a mission.  We MUST share this gift with others and for others.  We must make the Eucharist, the life of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, real in the lives of others.  See, our Catholic faith is not a cultural habit that we do or inherit from our families.  It is real, it is alive, it is mission; it is a command of God.  God so desires that all people experience life, that all be alive.

We must share this!  11043008_941270552579739_2884887293967500038_n

If we do not, if we will not, (because we can, so it is a matter of choice) then we are dead.    Even though our hearts maybe beating, if we are not willing to help others find life, then we are dead.  We are just a crowd of people pressing about Jesus, but not doing much beyond that.

We are not letting grace empower us.

Could this be why our parishes are losing young persons?  Could this be why our RCIA groups are not growing?  Could this be why many of us feel dead in our own faith lives?

There is no shortage of people out there who need to feel that healing touch.


We must advocate for them.  We must be as Jairus and call the body of the Christ.  And we must Go to them.  NOT make them come to us.  We must be willing to walk and travel.

We must let people touch Christ through us, meaning we must let ourselves be touched!.  That means overcome our fears, overcome maybe our cultural practices that prevent us from seeing others, judging others.

It means we truly be Catholic.  It means we truly be alive in Christ.


image Had the opportunity, GIFT, of being able to visit the Chicago Institute of Art while on my trip here.  Saw many, many pieces that are just so amazzing.

This one “Diego seated in the Studio” by Giacometti caught me.  Diego, the subject is constructed of lines that move about.  Reminds me of energy, that we are all energy, at the core of our material being, there is quantum energy, flicking in and out of existence; yet here we are…here I am.

Finished “Laudato Si” much to think about and process.  There is this connection of energy.  We are all spiritual energy too, connected, responsible, amazing.

As I spend endless hours in O’Hare airport waiting for my flight, the diversity of energy made mass is astounding.  The people that wander, walk, run, sit, sleep.

I give thanks for that diversity, and I give thanks for the energy.

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