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And sometimes, we reallly need to listen to ourselves speak.

Listen and Discern!!!

Spirit of Truth Part II

So why do I resist this Spirit of Truth…

I am continually falling into “bitter zeal”, grumpiness, fatigue and burnout.

Portrait of a Balding Priest in a Habit

Guess is hard to repent from some 40 years of thinking i had it right, when actually I didn’t.

Yet the Spirit bombards me with Love, with friends and family…so there is always hope.


Pentecost Homily

I am going to be a bit technical at first, to give an analogy of why we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit after Jesus’ ascension..

Think of Cloud Service.

Cloud service is how we can access information from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.  Remember in ancient times all data was stored locally on a hard drive on our own computer.  If we wanted to access that data, it was necessary to go to that particular computer and get it.

Cloud Service gives us access to information and data anywhere.


Jesus Christ, in his Ascension to heaven, took the human nature into the clouds of heaven.  He submerged the human nature into the life of the Holy Trinity, accessing the Holy Spirit for all other humans.

So we, because we have access to the Trinity, now have access to the Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  Because we are all human, or at least we are all trying to be human, We can receive the Holy Spirit.


Now, the Spirit of Truth is not about such truths as 2+2=4; or who will win the next World Series, or whether Tom Brady knew about the deflated footballs.  The Father gave us brains to figure that all out on our own.

The Spirit of Truth is Truth about the invisible reality of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; the Truth of the Divine Love and Divine Will.

In essence, it is the Truth of LIFE.


What the Spirit of Truth teaches us and develops within us is that comprehension that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a community of mutual, self-giving, loving persons; with a Love so strong and intense, the three are as one.

The Spirit of Truth teaches us that we humans are created in that divine, triune image; the Truth of Humanity is that we are truly human when we are in community with others; when we give of ourselves for and to others; when we truly Love.


The Spirit of Truth gives us that insight that this same Triune God desires each and all of us to be a part of the community of God: to be united.

This is the Spirit that came upon the Disciples and drove them into the streets to encounter the people and spread the Good News.  That inspired them to leave their own lands, face dangers, death and preach about this divine way to live.

This is the same Spirit that for 20 centuries has been a part of our church history, guiding us, forcing us, inspiring us to do the same.

It is all so that we humans, all of us, can truly be human, and be free and united.

If we truly want to be ourselves, experience our humanity, experience our uniqueness as persons, then we need to open ourselves to the Spirit of Truth and access that Divine Love.


Realize, it does not always come in great whooshes and dramatic events!  Truth comes in the most mundane and the most sublime ways.

It came to this young man I met.  This man loved his wife, and he thought that it was impossible to love her even more.  Then he witnessed her with their first child and how she cared for this little one and he said he realized his love for her had grown!

That is the HOLY SPIRIT.

It came to this wife too too; as she saw this man whom she loved be an attentive, doting father to their child;  She loved him even more than she thought was possible!  And I would say that this young family is even now more closer, more united, more Alive!

The Spirit of Truth comes when we experience the dryness after buying a wonderful new purchase because we realize that the new apple watch, the new tesla or whatever thing we just got, did not change our reality.  It did not make us happy.

20060304-6468 Snowy Statue

The Spirit of Truth comes when we let ourselves be vulnerable and trust in someone; and our reality is changed for the better.


Truth comes in understanding that Freedom is not in guns, abortion rights, marriage rights, but in that desire to look at another human person and see a child of God.


Truth comes in finding happiness in listening to someone share their lives; and we are simply quiet and taking it all in.

The Spirit of Truth comes when we realize that we do not have to earn God’s love; that we do not have to earn anyone’s love.


Truth comes when we finally forgive, and the burden of anger and resentment fades away.

The Spirit of Truth comes when we realize that the Eucharist captures this all; through the most mundane bread and wine; through the most sublime of prayers and actions.



Access this Truth!  Access the Spirit!  Use it, and find life!  Not just in heaven, sometime in a future, but NOW, HERE, TODAY.  For this is the Will of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This is Truth.

Having an experience of this right now!

of course I also recognize that meetings are opportunities to give of myself and be at peace as well.  However, for me, it is still difficult.  I am trying!!!!!!

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