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Preparedness & Perserverance

The Ice Bucket challenges have done great things for ALS donations, a huge financial windfall and recognition.  This is a good thing.  But once the craze runs its course, what then?

I see a lot of people doing good things in the moment.  Ice bucket challenges, runs, events, but where is the consistency.  Change happens when people commit themselves to change, and not just a moment of fun to raise funds or awareness.  I see this too in our church.  People come for events, for the fun.  They will make a one time donation to ministry, but God forbid they actually come to mass on a regular basis; pray on a regular basis, change their lives!

Faith, life, change is all about each of us giving of ourselves and making a commitment for the good of all.  It is not purely an “Event” driven occasion.  Ice Buckets are good and fun, for now, Parish festivals are good and fun, for now, but in the end….

We need all to commit and persevere.

dereliction of duty?

We are called to proclaim the good news of the Father’s love and build Unity! (not uniformity, but unity).  This is our mission.  Not sure we are doing that so well…..

I admit that I have been, in the past, overly concerned with the small things.  Everything had to appear perfect.  So setting tables, i wanted the forks, spoons, knives to look wonderful.  (from my days as a waiter).

I forgot about the big picture…what the meal signifies.

This found its way into my spiritual life as well, overly worried about the “i’s” and “t’s”.   I can still see that part of me, and when stressed it can come out…but I have been guided to a better way, of trying to see the heart of the matter(emphasize trying).  God’s way of reminding to relax, because God is in charge.

…I am not a believer in catholic guilt, BUT  I do feel a twinge in my conscious whenever I read passages like this.  Not only because I am a Priest, but also, because I am Baptized.  

Am I living out the faith with integrity.

I try, but somedays i have my moments.

Mt 22:1-14

That is a question I asked of myself often and asked of others.   Never received a truly satisfying response.

Finally, it took passages like this one for me to understand.  God always loves me, so it is never a question of “if”.  However, when have I been open to that experience of Love???  And I know that when I have experienced God’s love, a change happens or happened within me.  The arc of my life took a turn; for the better.  I responded.

As the poet said…”That made all the difference.”


Mt 20.1-16

A sign of maturity is when a person rejoices in the good for and of others.  A sign of love is when a person rejoices in the good for and of others.

How mature am I?  


Salvation is about Unity.  It is darned hard to be unified with others, when “I” am too concerned with “me” and forget about others.  Greed is the outward sign of that inward preoccupation.

Christ offers us a better way.  I with you and all, the we.

Attitude and Heart

I admit to being lazy.  There are times (more often than not) that I just want to do the minimum and be called good.  

Unfortunately that does not work well with being a true disciple of Christ.

I have heard it from people in counseling, and at times I have expressed it:  Why is God doing this to me!

God is with us, never against us.  God does it with us, not to us.

the source

I can blame others for my sins, blame things for my sins…Jesus says the reality is that it lies within me.  The way I react to others and things can be where the sin comes from.

I can only control myself (barely)

Daily Thoughts and Meditations as we journey together with our Lord.


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