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Having an experience of this right now!

of course I also recognize that meetings are opportunities to give of myself and be at peace as well.  However, for me, it is still difficult.  I am trying!!!!!!

I think everyone wants to make changes to the world, and to the world around them.    Changes for better or for worse.  I think this is part of our humanity…

Of course, the problem is that there are around 8 billion people on the planet right now…and if everyone wants to make their own individual changes….???


And Even if we wish to make positive changes, there is only so much one person can do, alone.

I think we would all agree that such positive changes would be to end poverty, to reduce suffering, to create equality among all peoples no matter gender, race, or whatever.; we would want to create peace and end wars and all the subsequent violence that we see.


No one person alone can do these,

But, when people gather together as one, then changes are made, change happens.  A world is transformed.

We Catholics are a community, we are a people who are united together in a common mission.

Our mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ…a Good News that will make positive changes to accomplish all this good, or in other words, to build up the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

A kingdom of peace and security, equality and protection; mercy.  When we are united to Christ, we can effect these changes.

Of course, doing this has been one of our greatest challenges as Church.

Why?  The human ego.  It gets in the way, and we forget that we are part of something larger than “me”.  Individuals want things their way, and only their way.  Unfortunately it happens all the time.  This is why we say the Church is both Holy and is made up of sinners.

It happens in parishes, in meetings, in ministry. We lost sight of Christ, and it becomes all about me; my ministry, my work, my way, my parish…

That is why we must always be conscious that we are part of a whole.  This is why we must always strive to remain connected to Christ:  To remain part of the vine.

I am, and that “I” my uniqueness is to be used for the whole, along with all others, and together, united in Love, with the desire for Unity, we make effective changes.

The Mass is the Sacrament of this reality.

Think of this, we all come, unique individuals, and we gather as one community.  And a positive change is made, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ; signifying how God can and will transform the world!


Look at what we do already as the Diocese of Reno, when we come together…  Catholic Charities is one of THE largest servers of the hungry and homeless in the state of Nevada.  St. Joseph’s in Elko has a vibrant parish that is producing vocations!  Deacons and Laypersons are going into the prisons to minister to men and women who feel forgotten.  Youth Groups, such as those gathering for Catholic Heart Work Camp, help people in need.


and yet, there is so much more we can do, called to do.  Our community, our State is so much in need.

We have a lot of homebound people who are forgotten.  So many people caught in addictions  So many people work, but struggle to make ends meet because of unfair wages.  So many youth who are being lost to the streets, to their addictions.

We can make changes to help.

But it means we have to unite together, in Christ, and die to our egos.

If we choose to NOT do so, if we choose to remain rooted in our own egotism, our own way of doing things…then we also need to shut up the complaints and grumbling.    If we are not going to be a positive part of the change, then get out of the way. If we are not going to be Church, then don’t hinder the rest of us who wish to be as Christ.

We Catholics are truly unique and we truly have something special we can offer to the people of Nevada.  We have that history of working for Jesus Christ  We have that gift of being able to combine our resources  We have the spirituality of community.  We have a deep desire to Love and Unity.12apostles

We need to make that history, gifts, spirituality and desire real and tangible.

I hope that we wish to do so.

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