In a blog post at America Magazine( the authors wrote of some ideas on how to Evangelize.  It is an intriguing post, because they feel that our current way of doing things does need to change.

They propose that first of all our efforts at the New Evangelization is not about necessarily getting people back into the pews.  New Evangelization is about faith. It is about spreading the message of faith and hope that Christ reveals.  That means we have to move beyond the parish and to go to where the people are.  We have to be missionaries.

This daunting for me, because the parish is an easy place to interact with people, and it is a safe place for me.  I have control, or some semblance of it anyway.  If I am to go to where the people are who need to hear this message, I have to leave my safety, my comfort zone.  EEKS!

However, it makes perfect sense.  The church started through the 12 and Paul “being sent out” (apostles) to the people.  And we say that the church is one, holy, catholic, and APOSTOLIC.

The article mentioned that Social Media is a great tool for this, and I use this one quite a bit.  Yet, how will I go to all the workplaces, schools and homes; to where the people of God are?  I am only one man after all.

As priest, part of my ministry is to excite the parishioners who do come to the pews (or Chairs here at St. Robs) to evangelize.  They are the ones who proclaim God’s love, who live God’s love in all places.  See, it is not up to me only, but to US!

But…how do I instill this in my fellow parishioners?