The end of the liturgical year is fast approaching, so soon the readings of the mass will turn towards the “end times” and the eschaton.

Add to the mix the popular myths surrounding Dec 21, 2012 as an end of an age…well, the coming six weeks ought to be fun.

I think that the end times are always happening. There is no ONE day per se. I do believe there will be an ultimate transformation, some day, in some future…but that is not where or when I am…I am here, now, today.

In Scripture, at least, the end times are shown as a time of great chaos. Chaos is the enemy throughout scripture. From the very beginning in Genesis, all of creation was in Chaos…but then God spoke and harmony was created.

Life is chaotic. There is change going on in people’s lives right now, end times. Loved ones are in the process of dying or have died. Friends are moving away. There appears to be so much work and so little time. Former ways of life are being changed.

I am trying to be a person of hope. I am trying to be faithful to the harmony that does exist through God that is present in this world, and in all of creation.

I watch as my garden dries up and goes into dormancy, knowing that in about 6 months, it will green up again.
I watch the cottonwoods turn from green to gold to nothing, but when the time is ripe, they will have leaves again.

I know that feeling sad when people move away means I opened myself to being loved, and that is a good thing, and that new friends will come into my life.

I know that life is always in flux, and that I have been changed for the better in the past, and I will be changed again in the future, and it will all be for the good.

So bring on the end times…I believe in God, in the Word that breathes over the waters. I believe in a deep and abiding harmony that pervades every aspect of creation.