I am not a big fan of football…I know about it, but I just don’t care about it. Tim Tebow though I have noticed and begun to appreciate these past few years.

He said something today on the Today show that further endeared him to me. Someone asked him about some recent negative anonymous comments made by his “teammates” from the Jets. He replied that he cannot control anyone else, only his reaction. He can control his own attitude, effort and work ethic.

That is a person who has truly developed a relationship, a deeper relationship with God.

It is a wisdom that I have struggled to engrain in my life these past years. I cannot control anyone but myself. I can choose to act.

This is the grace that God gives to us.

It is a grace that frees us.

It is a grace that has given me more freedom.

When I let others make me angry, crazy, sad…then they have control over me. Then I usually think bad about myself, and what must I do to please them.

That is not salvation; that is not the kind of life that Christ calls me and all to live.

Freedom is to do what is good and want to do what is good. Not based on what others try to pressure me into.