Today and tomorrow (Nov 19-20) the daily Gospel has Jesus in Jericho where he encounters two different men; one is a blind beggar, the other a rich tax collector.  Each man is rejected by the community for their state of life.

Jesus sees these two men and “heals” them; but the real healing was to have taken place in the community.  He was trying to open their eyes so that they could see the human person in front of them.  

He was trying to make them wise.

Herein lies my struggle in the spiritual life; for wisdom.  This is not about dogma/doctrine or theological knowledge, but rather a lived experience of the faith.

Years ago, I was blind to my actions.  I was really not acting, but reacting to my own unresolved internal stuff.  I was responding to other’s actions/reactions.

Some good counseling, spiritual and otherwise, opened my eyes to myself.  I saw myself differently, and have started to act differently.  I am convinced that this is God working in my life.

Because of this, I tend to see people a bit differently.  I am not so much scared by their anger, rather I see a person who is lacking something, who is scared about something.  It goes on.

It becomes liberating.   

I still have a LONG way to go.  I still have some buttons that are way to easily pushed(you don’t get to know those🙂

This I think is the power of the Gospels.  These stories have the deep Wisdom of God embedded within them.  It is there for those who are opening their eyes to it.

It is a Wisdom that Transforms and liberates.