I wonder if how we see others (or don’t) is rooted in how we see ourselves in relationship to the Father.

Jesus obviously knew himself as loved by the Father, therefore he saw others as fellow children of God.

If I think that I am truly, and feel this to my very bones, a child of God and loved by God, then it would be natural for me to see others as such.


Yet, when I think that I have to earn God’s love through my actions or piety, OR I am undeserving of God’s love because of this or that….this transfers to others.

This is turn is why Jesus says to love the Father, we must love others as we love ourselves.

A wise person, in all humility, knows and accepts this Love! Accepts is as PURE GIFT, nothing that is merited or earned. Then in all humility returns this love to others.

IMAGINE the Evangelization that we could do if we open ourselves more and more to the mystery and the power of God’s love.

IMAGINE the changes in our lives and in the lives of the people of our community.