I am social media geek, freak and all that rhymes.  I am into my gadgets that keep me in touch, and here is why!

For two weeks I have been trying to contact a parishioner to inform him of a meeting he needed to attend.  NO reply on emails.  The other night I saw a post on FACEBOOK, so sent him a message via FACEBOOK, and VOILA! instant response (he still couldn’t attend the meeting).

Several weeks ago, late one evening I am at home.  The Ipad was near me, and I hear the alert sound of a message, again via FACEBOOK.  Another parishioner was dealing with some issues, so via the texting function, I was able to help this parishioner sort out the dilemma.

Last night, another parishioner sends me a message via FACEBOOK, of the loss of her parent.  I was able then to alert many in our parish to offer up prayers.

EARLY this morning, as I was leaving the house to drive to Reno, I get a forwarded call to my cell.  A parishioner had taken a turn for the worse, and the family wanted me to come over.  I was able to serve them in their need.

VIA my Ipad, I text with my classmates, and feel less isolated from them.

I think I am more effective, more available to those in need.  VIVE la Revolucion Social!