On the 2nd Sunday of Advent,  I preached how Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas, and that Christmas is more than a day in which we remember the birth of Christ.

Christmas is a mystery.  There is so much meaning to be explored in what that birth means for us.

Credit:Jaimie Trueblood/newline.wireima

Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/newline.wireima

So what does this mean concretely?

I can only give my experience in this.  I have always believed in God, and believed in an esoteric way that God was present in my life.  However, it wasn’t until I became older that I began to understand this more and more in a concrete way.

When I understood that God is with me, then God cannot be against me.  There were soooo many times in my life that I thought were so bad.  I could not grasp why God was doing this to me.  I thought, well I was being punished for bad things I had done.  I thought that God really didn’t care, etc.

Then, at some point the Jesus’ garden scene hit me truly.  Jesus trusted that the Father would be with him.  The Father was not responsible for the bad that was about to happen to him, but the Father would be with him to guide him through it to the other side, to Life.

BAM!!!!   The Cross took on a new depth for me.

When I go through hard times, I truly know God is with me, and not doing it to me.  I know now to look at my own actions, and it was usually through my own bad choices that bad consequences happened, and at times yes, bad things simply happened through no fault of my own.

I found life much more bearable.  I found more meaning in the hard times.   I found life!  I found GOD!!

There are more stories about this…but what I hope is that others begin to make this promise concrete, or dare I say, INCARNATE in your own lives.  What does God’s promise of presence mean for you?????