Joseph her husband, since he was a righteous man, yet unwilling to expose her to shame…. Mt 1:19

I love this line..because it encapsulates what God proclaimed through Jesus.    LOVE is supreme.

See, Joseph was going to do what the law told him to do. He was a righteous man. God, through the angel in Joseph’s dream told him there is something greater here.  Joseph followed the dream.

Jesus in his preaching said that he came to fulfill the law, and that fulfillment of the law is LOVE. It trumps all.  Love is what fulfills the law.  Without LOVE, the law is meaningless.

We Catholics are famous, or infamous, for our laws. We have rules for everything. Where we get into trouble is when we forget LOVE, and we use the law to control, to dominate, or to avoid doing what is truly Good.

At times as a priest it much easier for me to deal with people  by merely quoting the law and telling them what they can or can’t do.

Love is more difficult. To use the law to help others LOVE is hard work. But it is so worth the effort.