The Feast of the Epiphany is coming up, then next weekend the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, and then back into Ordinary time.   Christmas Season will be done, again.

People asked me what I did during the “Break.” Did I ski?  Did I go fishing?  Did I go away?

No, no and No.

I rested up, I prayed, I cleaned my house, I exercised, I got office work done..basically I got caught up on life.  That is how I celebrated the Birth of the Lord.  NOW..don’t feel sorry for me, nor feel that this was a sacrilege.

These past months were simply crazy, and until the end of June 2013, the next few months will also be crazy.  And, I got off my center amid the apparent chaos.

Photo on 1-3-13 at 10.40 AM

There is nobody to blame but myself.  And I do not feel bad about it…I learned that lesson already.  I simply noted it, and re-set my goals, and have re-started once again.  The Christmas “Break” afford me a little more time to myself in which to do this.  It affords time to be renewed, which after all, is part of the mystery of Christmas, the renewal of humanity.

Next week, when the 5:30am alarm goes off…I may utter a few choice words, BUT, I think I will get on with it.