I preached last Sunday on the Family, and how what can tear apart a family is not from the outside, but from within.

Sin, which resides within the human, is what will hurt our families. Jesus said this when he referred to all the darkness that exists within us.

I think that it is very popular to blame others for problems in our families. It is popular to blame outside activities. Yet, I think we are just in denial through placing blame here. Yes, there are pressures from other groups, ideas, drugs & alcohol, et al.

But, it is the inherent weakness within our lives that we give permission to these pressures to become a part of our lives.  Adam-nEve

I have seen within families the desire for money destroy them. I have seen people’s refusal to let go of hurt and anger tear them apart. I have seen of people’s addictions to drugs, pornography, gambling wound the relationships.

Instead of dealing with these issues, I hear people place blame elsewhere, never accepting responsibility for their own actions. It is the fault of the internet, the government, the lack of prayer in schools, blah blah blah. To me, that is all beside the point.

Strong holy families deal with the issues head on.

They are families in which communication is strong; with each other and with God (meaning they pray and worship together).


Holy and Strong families are those who honor their marriage vows, and choose to not let anyone else, or anything else come between them.


Holy and Strong Catholic Families are those who have a set of values, and live according to those values.

They are people who look to their own hearts and seek to grow. They are people who accept their own mistakes, seek and give forgiveness, and then move forward.



I know at times it can seem dark out there…but we are the people of the Resurrection.  Jesus rose from the darkness.  He never gave into the pressures.

We are a church of the light and resurrection.  We are called to be a Holy Family.