God has promised to RENEW the all the Earth!  Christ is that Renewal.  He came to reveal the Love of the Father, and how when we fully, wholly accept that Love, we are changed and renewed.

The Gospels for Jan 15-17 capture that renewal work of Jesus.  He goes to Capernum and preaches with an authority that amazes the people, he expels a demon from a man, heals Peter’s mother in law, and then heals many many more.  He is renewing these people through their minds, through the expulsion of evil and through the healing of their bodies.

We are to be renewed in the same manners.  Christ renews us in the mind with teaching.  He calls us to open our minds to a new way of thinking; to open ourselves to new possibilities.

He will call us on any evil that we harbor within us, the demons of hate, addiction, selfishness etc.  He will have us confront that darkness within, and have it expelled.

He will heal our souls of their wounds through forgiveness and compassion.

Each of these renewal efforts come to us at various points in our lives.  I find that in my life, each will lead to another.  My renewal started with the a change in thinking.  I was forced to open my eyes to my actions and how I was relating (or not) to people around me.

The great demon I saw was this unhealthy need to please all and everyone, so much so that I made bad choices to make others happy.  Christ called me to confront this, and this is a daily effort on my part.

Then I had to ask for and accept forgiveness for those previous bad choices.

This is in part how God has been renewing me.

How about with you?