Fr. James Martin S.J. in tweet, remarked how in the Cana miracle, nobody sees the transformation of the water into wine.

I love that image, because lets be honest, most of God’s work is subtle, discrete. The transformation of the human person through grace is subtle and discrete.


In the midst of my conversion, it was so difficult to believe anything good was being done. I was in the grip of my depression, going through what seems to be an excruciating therapy. I was not a happy camper.

Yet, it was only after that struggle was I able to taste the new vintage. Only after was I able to experience and rejoice in the transformation that God had done to me.

I know many of us are caught up in difficulties, problems. HAVE FAITH! God is working in you.

You & me will be changed, renewed, and re-fashioned, in ways that will be marvelous and great.