I am currently at a meeting of the Board of Directors for the National Federation of Priest Councils (NFPC). It is an organization of priests from all over the US.

Last week it was RECOPS, a regional meeting of priest representatives from Nevada, California and Hawaii.

Next week, it will be a quick trip up to Mt. Angel Abbey for the evaluation of our Seminarians.

I am getting a ton of Southwest rewards points.

My point, this is part of the ministry. The call to serve as priesthood occurs at different levels; mostly in the parish, but also in the diocese and at times within the regional, national and Universal church. It can be an organic ministry.

I enjoy the meetings of priests. It gives me a chance to connect with others in similar positions, and to glean wisdom from them.

But after almost two weeks, I find myself missing the parish people. That is a ministry that feeds me. I have know this for quite some time. This also scares me, since I will be leaving parish ministry for some time to work in the pastoral center. Will I be fed?

I also have to believe that Christ will feed me in that new ministry. I need to be open to it, and let it grow.

I think all of us face this call. We are called to let go of places that feed us, seem safe to us, and put our trust in a different way. That is how we, that is how I can grow.