I have lots of excuses for a recent spate of negativity. I have been travelling a lot, been sick, anxious over stuff….yup lots of excuses, but no reasons.

Looking back, I see that my own negativity had generated more negativity, and a cycle was started.

The gospel for today is a great reminder that if there is to be the positive in my life, it starts with me. I have to initiate it!

What power and what freedom, and what responsibility.

Now I know that there will be bad days and moments, and we are not to deny them. I think part of the power of salvation is that we do recognize when there is something negative going on in the world and in our lives, BUT we don’t live in that negativity. We do what we can…I do what I can to bring about a positive change.

If I want my friends to call me, then I ought to call my friends….
If I want some kindness, then I ought to be more kind to others…