In the year A readings for the 5th Sunday of Lent is the raising of Lazarus. Jesus at the tomb commands the dead man to come out. And he does, responding to the Word of Christ.

Before Jesus commanded Lazarus, he commanded others to remove the stone that blocked the tomb.


I have been thinking about “stones” in my life and those I have witnessed. Stones which had kept me from a deeper and livelier faith; a deeper and livelier life.

A rather large stone that had to be rolled away for me was ignorance. I had to relearn a lot about the faith in these recent years. I knew a lot, but it was mostly intellectual; the ignorance was in wisdom and in heart knowledge. I had to have an experience of Faith, of Christ.

It took a Spiritual director, a therapist, lots of prayer and meditation, and a desire to serve my community to role away that stone. I started the long walk from the tomb into the light.

I see this being played out in the ministry given to me by God. I try to roll back stones from others. So I use the pulpit for preaching, the various social media, and personal touch.

Yet, sometimes it is frustrating work. I think people ought to respond quicker… but that is my ego working there and not the Spirit. And I remember it took YEARS to start to change for me.