Jesus came to save the world (Jn 3:16) and preached the Immanence of the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom was something real and concrete; it was the community reformed around the Love of God.


He believed in the Kingdom and lived, died and rose from the dead for this Kingdom.

When it comes down to it, the Kingdom is about our connections. The connection with have with God and the connection with have with people.

Jesus called us to change our ways which impede those connections. He called us to serve, to forgive, to be compassionate, to LOVE so that we can be connected with God and one another.

When God called me to change, it was to improve the relationships I had with my friends and family, and the people that I served. Christ does not change me simply to change me. I am being changed for my own well-being, but also more importantly for the well-being of others. I know this is not purely about me, nor can it ever; It is about my connection with others.

And that is how I must approach and evaluate changes in my life.

Some are obvious for me, to not let fear dominate. Love conquers fear.

Other changes I have to assess with the help of Tradition, Scripture and the people that I have grown to trust. Changes like moving parishes; use of social media; how to balance my schedule. Because if the change serves only my ego…then it is not God based. It will not make me more connected to others.

If it is a choice in which I give of myself, then that is a Christ like choice, and is of God.

In the end, that will ultimately be our salvation…when we are always making Christ-like choices.

It will be when you, me and all make choices that benefit everyone, and not just myself.