Sorry I could not get the embed code for this video…maybe later.  This is not an OVERT Religious video.  However I see a message in this about love and salvation.

Life is hard to live and it can be burdensome, monotonous. banal…but it does not have to be.  We can be free, and Christ’s message it about this.

Love is to see beyond the self.  It is to see the other, the other person in line at the grocery store, in the heavy traffic, in the dmv, in front of us.

When we can see beyond ourselves and see others, it changes our attitude.  We do not have to let ourselves be driven to anger, to monotony, to boredom.

Look what Jesus did…he continually called us to see other people.  He called us to see the person, not a mere object that is hindering “MY” day.

This is because at its root, God sees us as persons.  We are not objects that hinder his will, his day, but are subjects, people who participate in his day, in his will.

We can be lured into thinking that God only sees us as objects…which is a world view.  That is when we start to have bad days. 

Prayer is that daily connection to God to be reminded that we and all are people.

So when we are getting frustrated, losing patience with everyone and anyone…STOP!  Think, Pray…we have forgotten that we are loved…we have forgotten to LOVE.