I have recently moved into my new position as full time Moderator of the Curia, and have left behind my position as Pastor of St. Robert’s.  It is way too soon to evaluate how the change is going.  However, I do admit to being apprehensive about leaving behind Parish Ministry.

I remember when I told my mother about this; she got upset that I was leaving the parish work to work in the administrative offices.  We need priests in the parishes was her statement.

I believe that too.  I loved working with the people in the parish, being their priest.

I remember thinking too once, long ago, that uugh, what a waste of a priest to work in the pastoral center.

And God, with that sense of humor, has brought that about for me, wellll God and Bishop.

In part of my internal work to prepare myself, I go back to that familiar phrase, “paschal mystery.” (Thanks Sr. Sharon McMillan).

I love being in the parish, but I will give that up for a something else.  I will accept the challenge, and I trust that there will be life that comes with it.  I will look for new opportunities to minister to others, and maybe being unbounded to parish concerns, I can do that differently.

So stay tuned, and help me to walk on this journey.