I came across this blog this morning about the need of forgiveness.  Except for the “law of attraction” mention, it is a great read on the power of forgiveness.  It is why Christ preached forgiveness over and over and over, and why he forgave over and over and over.  cd page - forgiveness through christ


In 11 years as priest, I have heard a lot of hurt and anger in people, and I have counseled  them to forgive.  Some looked dubious and others seemed to get it.

And the flip side of doing the forgiving is accepting forgiveness, especially that of God’s.

GOD FORGIVES US when we are contrite of heart.  God will forgive anything; if the Father forgave us for killing his Son (i.e. the Resurrection) the Father will forgive everything else.

NOW, there is a phrase, and I admit, it is a pet peeve of mine “I need to forgive myself.”  Bull Hockey, as Col. Potter used to say on M*A*S*H*. col potter

We cannot forgive ourselves, that is just self-justification, selfishness, egotism and our ole friend the heresy “pelagianism”.

WE CAN accept that God forgives us.  We CAN accept that grace and move past the hurt we have caused.  We MUST!

We do not need to punish ourselves!  God does not punish us, we ought not either.  We will need to accept the consequences of our actions, so that means we need to do penance and mend the wounds we have caused.

In the end it all comes down to Salvation.  Salvation is living life and living life abundantly (Jn 10:10)  We cannot wholly live life IF we are holding onto our anger and our wounds.  Forgive and be Forgiven.