Sunday, the 17th of Ordinary Time, I preached about the need for humility, about submitting to God’s will.  After all that is what we pray for in the “Our Father”.  As a priest, I also start out the day with Ps 95 in the breviary, about God’s creative force and majesty.   It too is to remind me that God is in control, not I, so submit.

As I have noted many times, in posts, blogs, homilies, conversations, I am a control freak.  NOT necessarily because I love power, but because I fear when things go awry.  So control of a situation, I thought, would help me to be less afraid.


Hope and Faith have helped me, and helped me to be more at peace in the world.  These graces of God are what get me through the day.

So the Our Father and Psalm 95…