I have been away for around 8 weeks, give or take.  The first week was business in Chicago, then 10 days with family in Ohio.

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I returned to Reno for about one day to get my affairs in order (as they say) and took off for the New Camaldoli Hermitage along the Central California Coast, south of Big Sur.


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There I spent 30 days with the monks, in relative quiet.  It was  a simple life; no wifi on site, no cell phone coverage.  I prayed the hours with the monks and other retreatants, meditated, read, slept and tried to relax.  My friend Fr. Paul said “Don’t do anything, just simply BE.”  Probably the best advice I was given.



I was intimidated by the amount of time and the retreat itself, because I knew that when we give us distractions, and concentrate a bit more on the power of the divine, well the divine will  DO a lot.  God did not disappoint.  However, when there is also less distractions, the EGO also wants that space.   It was an interesting battle.

The first weeks were a rush of images, thoughts, etc…  My dreams were vivid, frequent, disturbing.  Thankfully a monk there acted as my spiritual director and he got me settled.   I had to learn to BEFRIEND my ego and all the voices within, and not destroy them.  Eventually my sleep became “normal.”

God obviously worked in there too.  Had some interesting insights, revelations, glimpses.   And as time goes on I will share.

I left satisfied and happy that I was given this chance.  So I thank the Diocese of Reno for allowing me this time to do that.

I will post more on this retreat time.