One of my reflections was upon this…doing the will of God.   I think many of us as conscientious Christians desire this.


I wrestled with the phrase though, because I didn’t really understand this.  I guess I understood it as “OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS”…but that does not really satisfy me.  That sounds like a domineering parent talking to a 7 year old.

Scripture gave it to me…Jesus says it well in John…the WILL OF GOD is that we be one with God and with one another.   Unity is the WILL of GOD!!!!!!!

My actions, my life are to be directed to fulfilling and creating UNITY.

Okay, great, now what does that mean in my particular case, and what does it mean in anyone’s particular life.  Well, with UNITY as our guiding value (as opposed to Ideal), then whatever decisions I need to make, I want to ask myself “Self, how is this going to help Unity?  or this more about taking care of my self?”

So some of those decisions that I have made were subtle…like being more patient as I waited for my food during the sabbatical.  Driving a bit slower on Hwy 1.  And choices I am trying to make now…being more open with people, more grateful with people, more vulnerable with people.  Hard stuff for me.

See, by doing the WILL OF GOD I find that I can be more engaged in life and living.  That is also what God wants.  God isn’t looking for obedient robots to obey his commands…God desires that we do his WILL because in doing so we gain life today, in the here and now, and if we gain life today, then we will have life forever.

So here’s to doing the WILL of GOD…and may we, you and I, do it well.