This was given to me during meditation, insight into St. Joseph.


I know we always imagine him as old and portray him as old, even though scripture does NOT indicate his age.

But, imagine him as a YOUNG MAN, in the prime of life, vibrant, alive and about to be married to Mary (guys, remember how you felt or feel now!!!).  The dreams he must have had; to start his own family, to set up his household and fill it with children.  A future of such love and promise….

Then DISASTER…his betrothed is pregnant, and he knows it is not his fault.  His dreams…gone.

His reaction though…a quiet divorce to protect her.  He doesn’t call her horrible names, or post it on facebook, twitter, or whatever…He gives her up without causing any additional harm.  He truly must have loved her and he truly was humble because this was not about his own EGO.  He was a RIGHTEOUS MAN.  Even though a dream died, he did what was good; what he thought was just.

Or at least that is his plan.

Then another betrayal…God tells him that what he thought was just and right…not so much.  What society had deemed as “normal” was to be put aside.  He needed to wed Mary.  He had to die to how he thought the law operated and do something better.

He married her and began to re-imagine his idea of family.  He had to begin again with new goals and new dreams.

The child is born but yet his new family, his new dreams are in danger.  So once again Joseph had to die to his dreams and plans, and leave his land and roots and go to a foreign land, a traditional enemy.  All to protect the child.  He gave up a false security for true security.

Then when it was deemed safe, he took his family back to the land, but not to his home, rather to a new part of the country.  He had to let go again and start over again, all for the sake of his family.

Then Joseph disappears from the story.   He gives way to the SON.  There is no monument or legacy that he built; no family business or wealth that he passes onto the next generation.  He fades away so that the Son may grow.

Yet, Joseph has left a legacy.  A spirituality for all men to follow.  He is a Man, a true Man.