I struggle with being grateful.  I admit that I am not always conscientious of giving thanks to others and even to God for “Stuff”.  It is an area that I wish to grow in.

During my sabbatical, I made it part of my routine that at night, after compline, to write down all that I was grateful for in that day.  And it was a great exercise because I remembered a lot of little things that made me smile.  It was the kindness of a person, the way the fog rolled in, the food, etc.  It also caused me to consider the “Stuff” that I did not particularly like, such as the hot days without fog which meant that the flies would be out in force and would be annoying….

I ended the day on a positive note, and I think it helped me to appreciate life more, and to appreciate myself more.


Now, back in Reno and my other routine, I realized I have forgotten to be grateful.  I have forgotten to take in account all that has happened to me and to respond to God in kind.  It may explain some of the feelings of “out of context” that I have experienced since being back.

So I have re-started my gratefulness campaign!

Thank God!