I have been chewing on this morning’s gospel passage (lk 19.11-18) as I have gotten ready for the day.  What has captured me is the idea of “Wealth,”  specifically the wealth of faith.

I have mentioned before that a change in my life occurred when I received new and better insights into the Christian-Catholic Faith.  Insights that showed me that being Catholic has a potential for a very rich and meaningful life in the here and now.  It has relevance.

Now I am not intending to be ungrateful to all those who educated me in the faith as a child and young man, but, there was a failure somewhere in there that failed to get that across to me.  Maybe that is the folly of  youth, that we can’t understand the relevance because we haven’t matured enough?  However, I just don’t think the system did a wonderful job in this.  I feel that the main emphasis was making sure I could correctly recite my prayers and then getting into heaven.  And to be honest, that did not and still does not mean that much to me even now.

I wanted something different.  Seminary gave me a lot of knowledge, but little insight.  However, by my 30’s I was asking the questions what does it mean.  What is the value of being Catholic?

That value is that it is truly a way of life that help me to make sense of what I experience and what I witness.  It helps me to see beyond my self and to see a wider world (though I often regress back into me, myself and I).


Recognizing this value changed the way I have preached and acted as a human, man and priest.  I want others to see the value.

Yet, I think we as priests still do a {WARNING, some make take the following phrase as offensive)  “piss-poor” job as it, and sometimes we as a system fail to communicate the wealth of what we have been given.

However, the only person I can control is myself, and so I will struggle to live this and create more wealth, wealth in faith.