Peace…this is something I have wished for in myself for  long time.  It is my desire to feel safe in the world, safe in my own skin.

What I have found is that peace is not something attained once, but it is at dynamic attitude that requires constant attention and energy.  It takes a daily commitment from me to looking beyond my own needs and wants, and not judging myself for having them.  It takes dying to idea that I can control anything and everything, and accepting that I only control myself, and a little of myself at that.


It takes dying to the belief that everyone is judging me…and realizing that I am not the subject of everyone’s thoughts, and I can’t control their thoughts anyway.  So if they think bad of me, and I have done my best, it is their sin, not mine.

It means that I do NOT listen to the voices/filters that speak of shame, but listen to the voice of Christ that speak in my heart that says, I am created in goodness.

It means that I believe and trust that it will all get better.  That the loneliness, frustration, sacrifice are worth the effort.

cd page - forgiveness through christ

It means I forgive and let go of any hurts from others.  It means I accept forgiveness for hurting others, and not self-punish.


Peace is the way of Christ…it is Paschal Mystery.14th station