Christmas means so much more than a celebration of the birth of Christ.

As in all things Catholic, the Truth is found deeper within.  We find the mystery, the Truth, when use these wonderful brains God gave us; we use these wonderful hearts that God gave us.

And one of the mysteries of Christmas is that of Harmony.

Christmas means Harmony.


Harmony, in a biblical context, means being in right relationship.  So it is not necessarily about lack of conflict per se, but subjects working together, being together.

Harmony is dynamic, not static.  So it is moving.  It is energetic.  It is expansive.  Jesus Christ reveals and is harmony.  He is both God and Human.  He reveals that God and humankind are intended to be in relationship with one another.  He reveals the nature of that relationship as well.  Jesus reveals that Humankind too is to be in right relationship with all of creation, the entire Universe.  We are meant for Harmony.

One of my favorite passages from the Bible is the first story of Creation, in Genesis.  This is the seven days of creation.    NOW, as Catholics, we are not literalists, we don’t believe in this passage as God created the world a couple of thousand years ago in seven days.  In fact, the Truth in this passage is way more engaging and beautiful.  Recall that in this passage, Creation is named as “Good.”

Good means Harmony.  All is created to be in harmony, and if we were to study this passage even more, we would see that the seven days show a harmonic structure.  Harmony is intended for all of creation and for all of humanity.  Harmony is realized as long as right relationships are maintained.

Which we know does not happen.  Humanity breaks the relationship.  Humanity, as Adam and Eve, act in a prideful, arrogant, selfish way, and chaos enters into creation.  Jesus completes Creation.  He is the epitome of God’s self-giving to all of creation, so that Creation, so that we can be in right relationship with the Universe.

He will reveal how We humans are to participate in Harmony, how we can live in Harmony.  That way is the giving of self, LOVE.  It is us looking beyond our own egos, our own needs, wants and desires, and to see others and to give to others.

That is it.

All else, all ethics, morality, legal codes, dogma and doctrine that we Catholics are infamous for, are derived from this; the way of the Cross.  Thus, we as humans, we are called to be in harmony in all aspects of our lives. We are called to live in Christ, in the way of Christ.  It is through husbands & wives giving of selves to each other, listening, communicating and compromising.  It is us forgiving old wounds caused by others, and seeking and accepting forgiveness the hurts we have caused.

Harmony are those acts of generosity, kindness, and compassion.  Harmony is not judging others even when disagree with politics; it is not assuming the worst in people.  Harmony is understanding that we are part of this creation and all of the universe and that we are no accident of chemistry, physics, and biology.  Harmony is believing that God is always with us, and never against us.

God is Harmony, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; three unique persons, giving of their very selves wholly and completely, to form the unity of One God.  Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ, the re-birth of Harmony, the completion of creation; the way of Harmony.

We rejoice in this. I hope that we are joyful in this.  We celebrate that we are created to be in right relationship with each other, with the world around us, the entire Universe, and with God.

A God who desires us to be in right relationship.  A desire made very real in the bread and wine that become the body and blood of Christ, given over to us.  So that we will be motivated, inspired, empowered to give of ourselves over to others, to God.

And be in harmony.