About every 6 months I go in for a cholesterol check.  My family, on both sides, has history of having high cholesterol and heart disease.  My doctor wants to keep on top of it, and try to limit it through good diet, exercise and natural process, avoiding meds as long as I can.  I have learned a bit then from trying to eat well and taking care of my body.

I learned another heart lesson these past years as well.  My hardened heart comes from my choices.

I am not not talking about a hardened heart because of my high levels of bad cholesterol, but the hardened heart that happened because I chose to NOT resolve stuff in my life.  Because I had chosen to let life dictate my responses.

Ezekiel spoke of God taking out our stony hearts and giving us natural hearts.  I have found that in a faith life, Jesus has given to me that choice, that option.  It can’t be forced on  me, but I had to choose to act.

I have found that the way of Christ is the way to truly being free, to having a natural heart.  I was a long and painful process, and I am still in process.  BUT…well worth it in the end.