Everyone now and then I get a great reminder about freedom/salvation and what it means for us as men.

Today this happened.

I am reminded that Salvation and Freedom are the same.  Freedom/Salvation is to be able to choose freely to do what is good, to do what is good for others, to LOVE.  

It is to consciously make that choice for good.   When I make that choice, I am being a true Man in every sense of the word. 

And that freedom, well did not have that in my past.  I instead acted out of fear, out of pressure, out of guilt.  I made bad choices.

Grace came and the message of Christ penetrated my being.  I began to walk the path to adulthood, to manhood, to freedom.

I am sorry for my past mistakes, but I choose to not let them define me for the future.  

I think we men are fed a pack of lies, that says freedom is about being able to do whatever I want.  We suffer because of this, and the people in our lives also suffer for it.  We men need to embrace the freedom  of Christ.  We need to mentor our youth in this freedom so that they will not follow the path of slavery (St. Paul teaching) but follow the path of light, Salvation.  

NOW… I do not mean to exclude women, but I am a guy.  This is from my perspective in this.  My wish is that we men can recapture the faith, recapture the wisdom of the faith and pass this on.