Mk 3.31-35  Weds Jan 28th readings of the day

Jesus speaks that those who do the Will of God are his family.  As I have written previously, that “Will of God” is to create unity, to create community.  We are all called to this.  And of course, Christ is the supreme model of this, giving of himself completely for this unity.

A HUGE obstacle, I believe, is our Egos. And that ego of mine has manifested itself through fear.  Through fear,  I have held back giving of my self to others.  Through fear, I have failed to act.  So that opportunities to form and renew relationships were lost.

Part of my learning and growth as a man, as a Catholic is to not let that fear/ego control the greater good.  I have to go beyond my fears, to trust in people, to assume the best in people, to open up to people.  It has helped immensely for me.

That Jesus…a pretty wise person.