I am celebrating a funeral today of a woman I knew in my former parish.  A woman who was full of life, a woman who was accepting of all people and adventurous.  She was a woman who loved.

Love creates space.  Space to accept people, no matter their circumstances and situations. Space to take risks and try new things.

Too often I have been not a loving person; I knew in my past I did not have the space for people and adventure, to take the risks and truly open myself to others.  Fear was the reason.  Makes me think that Fear is the opposite of Love; not hate.  Hate is another expression of extreme fear(?)

The Catholic Christian path teaches us to see the fear and go beyond it.  God’s love creates the space for us to live, and to love.  And God’s love is infinite, so it always overcomes the fear.  Love is that we see the goodness in all; and if we can see the goodness in all, then how can we fear it?

Recently I had some fear, I will be taking on an additional job later this summer.  I was scared about it, and AM scared about it.  However, I am realizing I want to start to see the good within this job and that this can help me accept it in  a better way (not just with resolve).

Love creates Space.

Maybe Einstein was a little office, space is not time, and time is not space; rather Love is space???horizon